This de-stressing massage concentrates on the back and the legs; it will loosen all those tight muscles that cause back pain and head tension.  You will feel balanced and re-energized in just half-an-hour.

Balinese style massage designed to relax and soothe tensed muscles: a must-have!

Excellent massage for relieving tension and you’re aching back, for improving circulation and energy flow.

Enjoy shiatsu, Balinese massage and warm stones to erase back aches and reach a feeling of real well-being!

Escape to a state of pure relaxation with a Balinese massage, a Lomi-lomi massage and a massage with warm stones! A deeply soothing and stimulating technique to dispel muscle tightness.

Using a finger pressure technique, this massage is designed to leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

This classic massage focused on soft and long strokes; it improves circulation, eases tension, reduces stress and generally relaxes, unbending the body and the mind.

A synchronized massage: four hands working in harmony to deliver the ultimate massage experience, to feel heavenly again.

Diviyan  Spa   SIGNATURE 
A combination of massages, the Diviyan Spa signature is designed to soothe your senses, to leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, and to lead you on a journey of flowing tranquility.

This unwinding ancient treatment focuses on pressure points on the soles of the feet. Each point is connected to the body systems and organs; the pressure applied to these points eases energy blockages and pain, leaving you with an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The Indian traditional way: this technique is used to help ease stress, tension and tiredness to favour harmony and balance.

The queen of Ayurvedic oil therapies has been practiced for more than 5000 years: warm oil gently flows onto the forehead. One of the best treatments for stress, insomnia and travel fatigue.

A soothing and moisturizing herbs pouch massage: this exceptional treatment will immerse you into an ocean of tranquility and lull you into a state of peacefulness.



A mix of vanilla and coconut: wonderful results on dehydrated skin! This stimulating scrub softens and nourishes the skin. 

A mix of lavender and ylang-ylang: purifies and improves the skin condition. The best for sensitive skin!

A mix of vanilla, ginger and fleurs d’oranger: a refreshing scrub suitable for all skin types, it leaves the skin soft and radiant.

A mix of lemongrass, rosemary and cinnamon, and gives a fresh scent. This invigorating scrub will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

A mix of fresh papaya and clay will soften and clear your skin. Suitable for all skin types. Excellent after a day in the sun!

Sun, salt and water may dehydrate the skin: end a sunny day with a lavender body wash, a cooling cucumber and honey conditioner, followed by a moisturizing aloe vera body lotion. This treatment is suitable for all skin types needing more moisture, especially for sun-drenched and burnt skin.

With its range of treatments and firming massage, our anti-cellulite programme enhances the breakdown of fat cells and regulates physiological changes. this combination of treatments carried out using essential oils increase skin elasticity and blood circulation as well as the virtues of the slimming.



FACIALS  for  Ladies  and  the  modern  Man

Diviyan Spa offers facial services that address the needs of every skin type and condition. Each treatment is designed to nourish the skin, produce a radiant complexion and provide an experience of total relaxation. We use only the finest skin care products made from organically grown herbs, fruits, vegetables and the purest natural oils :
- blemish   &   oily skin
Tamarind soft facial wash, mint cleanser, tamarind facial scrub, papaya enzyme toner, vale nourishing cream, tamarind face mask
- dry   &   normal skin
turmeric cleanser, cucumber skin toner, almond nourishing cream, virgin coconut oil nourishing mask, kokum face mask, sanding scrub
- over   dry   &   ageing   skin
Sugarcane cleanser, sugarcane scrub, aloe vera skin toner, ginseng nourishing cream, milk face mask.

An effective basic facial: cleansing, pure honey mask, toner, nourishing cream and mini massage. Your skin is smooth and a luminous complexion is revealed.

This facial removes impurities and refines your skin as it promotes cell regeneration. Enjoy a hand and feet massage while a rich cooling mask penetrates and re-hydrates your skin, leaving you with a complexion that is soft and fresh!

Diviyan  Spa   FACIAL   SIGNATURE 
This exclusive five treatment facial is carefully designed to nourish and oxygenate tissues, to regulate vital functions: deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, vacuum, extraction, high frequency. The results are diminishing fine lines and age spots: a bright, healthy and clear lighten skin complexion. It includes a rejuvenating hand treatment, foot massage; face and head massage to complete your luxurious experience.

This is the ultimate treatment to draw out deep seated impurities and effectively lighten and firm the sagging skin. It helps relieve aged skin cells. It enhances cellular rejuvenation. Key elements are mixed to gently absorb into your skin and restore its vitality.
A moisturizer application leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This treatment results are phenomenal; it also includes hand and foot massage, face and head massage.

A mask on your scalp to nourish your hair is followed by a head and shoulder massage to stimulate the blood circulation. No drying: your hair will be soft and shiny. You may choose from our selection for of masks :

- Aloe vera, to restore softness and shine
- Avocado, to nourish dry and damaged hair
- Carrot, a vitamin treatment to revitalize the hair
- Virgin coconut oil, for re-hydration leaving the hair strong, silky and easy-to-comb
- Ginseng, a strengthening treatment to prevent hair loss.


Restore the beauty of your hands with this deluxe hand treatment integrated with a traditional manicure including nail shaping, cuticle care. A refreshing skin exfoliation polishes away dry skin cells. It is followed by a gentle massage with nourishing cream. Your hands are smooth, soft: a great youthful look!

Beautify and soften your feet with this de lure traditional pedicure starting with an aromatic foot soak, gentle exfoliation followed by nail shaping, cuticle care, and removal of calloused skin. Coupled with a relaxing foot massage, this treatment creates an intense feeling of freshness and wellness. It also reduces swelling.





Choice of body scrub
Swedish massage

Balinese traditional massage

Diviyan Spa signature
Natural Asian facial

Choice of body scrub
Balinese traditional massage
Natural Asian facial

Day 1 - Balinese traditional massage
Day 2 - natural Asian facial and reflexology

Day 1 - choice of body scrub Swedish massage
Day 2 - Diviyan Spa signature
Day 3 - natural Asian facial and reflexology

Day 1 - choice of body scrub and natural Asian facial 
Day 2 - Swedish massage
Day 3 - Balinese traditional massage and reflexology
Day 4 - head, back and shoulders massage
Day 5 - four hands massage

Shirodhara with hair treatment 

Herbal body scrub
Herbal massage
Herbal bath

Herbal body scrub
Herbal body wrap
Herbal massage
Herbal bath

Treat your beloved one and yourself to the romance package!
An ocean splendor for two to enjoy by the ocean...
Aromatic foot bath
Discovery massage
Refresher facial
Aromatic flower bath